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Hastings & St Leonards
  Spiritual Centre

                                 Friends Meeting House

              5 South Terrace Hastings. TN34 1SA 

                                  Info: Telephone:  
             Monday - Friday





This Friday Night
27th March 2015

          Oliver Carpenter-Beal

Starts 7.30pm with service & clairvoyance we are looking forward to seeing Oliver  at our church  There is Healing During the evening with tea and coffee after, Come and join us in the company of friends,xx info tel: 01424-218954 please only between 9.00 am - 5.00pm 


Our Special


 Coming Soon
Now at the church or by
Calling -
Monday - Friday on: 01424-218954 
We will also be having a raffle.
looking forward to seeing you
In The Company Of Friends

()() ()() ()() ()() ()()

 reserve your ticket now 

Call Cindy on 01424-218954


All welcome to


The Deerfold Centre, 233 Seaside, Corner of Carlton Road, BN22-7NR

Trance Circle 
starting on 9th April 
Then on the 2nd and 4th Thursday Each month

Limited spaces available 
The first few weeks will be a trial for you to try us and us to try you

This circle is to give people the opportunity to link with Spirit to bring
Inspirational Philosophy within an altered state of consciousness 
Not for Beginners
Cost £5

Monday - Friday on: 01424-218954 or 01323-505311 

mob: 07516679706 or 07942861525 

or 07955480828

        From till only please

Or leave a message on 07955480828

                         Any time




Hastings & St Leonards
  Spiritual Centre

                         Friends Meeting  House 5 South Terrace Hastings. TN34 1SA Telephone: 01424 218954

All welcome
Healing During & Before
Service on Fridays


                         Friends Meeting  House

5 South Terrace Hastings. TN34 1SA Telephone: 01424 2189


Donations are very welcome

Thankyou The Committe Welcomes you


for any more info - 01424 218954


 Home Development Circle

Starting in a few months

Every Other Wednesday

Coming Very Soon 

if you are Interested then please call for details

This will be a closed circle.

7.45pm -

 For further info please phone:


if possible

Please Donate £1 for a Brick if you have it
 It would
  really help rebuild the church much faster

 Your Free Will God Bless You